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Alpha Executive’s Sweaty and Dirty Boxer Briefs

I have worn to the office, to bed, during practice and to workout. They fit tight against my cock and balls so you can smell […]

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Straight married dad wants to CUM for you!

I’m a straight married dad that gets off on guys smelling and jerking off with my cum filled briefs. I want to shoot a giant […]

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$Let's Talk

Alpha Armpit Stained and Sweaty Polyester Adidas Shirt

Funky polyester long sleeve shirt worn to several practices and the armpits stink. I will wear a few more times and keep it fresh. I […]

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Taste & Sniff My Alpha Stud Dirty and Sweaty Briefs

Lick and sniff my dirty briefs. They fit tight against my cock and balls so you can enjoy my great alpha stud scent. Cum, piss […]

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Alpha Stud’s red top Boot Socks

Well worn, sweaty, funky and this week I start wearing to the gym. I work and play hard and these socks have my Alpha scent. […]

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$Ask Me

Hot Alpha Stud’s Piss filled bottle

Say “please sir may I have another” and I will rub my cock on the bottle so you can have a taste. I’m a very […]

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You’re really going to enjoy these!!

I love these fun socks and you will too (for different reasons). They smell just the way you want them to! Worn twice so far […]

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Gym socks with a hole

Just trying to find someone who will appreciate my favorite pair of smelly gym socks. I promise to have worn these 2 consecutive days to […]

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My playful socks with a twist

Hello! I’m selling my fun, stinky used socks. I am currently wearing them as frequently as I can as well as every night to bed. […]

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Very smelly thick thermal boot socks.Lots of wear. They stink !

I have been wearing these socks in my work boots, and old winter boots for at least 3 days a week for the entire winter. […]

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