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piss collection

$You decide

Serious underwear kiknster

Ok guys, I’m posting my add, searching for other kinky, dirty, perved dudes into supplying, swapping or buying from a dirty perv like me their […]

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$36.00 FREE Ship

Sweaty Eating Pussy GAP Hoodie size XL

I’ve worn this on sweaty jogging morning and also while eating me some PUSSY, smells kinda STINKY and will mail smelly by GAP gray pullover […]

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$Ask Me

Alpha Cock & Balls – In your face Masculine Scented Briefs

I play hard and can wear my underwear for over a week. How dirty do you need them? I will wear to work to tennis […]

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$Ask Me

Alpha Stud’s Long Thin Black Dress Socks

Sniff my dirty socks and stuff them in your face! I wear these to work and under my crew socks during practice and workouts. I […]

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$14.50 FREE Ship

Soap – Baloney Wash Day

Perfect soap bar to wash your baloney too by Gilchrist & Soames Reserve Oatmeal Soap, 6oz (one bar). USA Ship: $0.00 Love to have my […]

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$59.+5 Shipping

Baloney size Medium black swim bikini

Rainbow hip colors on solid black swim bikini size Medium poly-elastane fabric. USA Ship: $5.00 …and/or $10.00 (Jizz priority) Love to have my BALONEY (bottom) […]

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$59.+5 Shipping

Baloney running shorts Medium navy blue

Navy blue running shorts Medium polyester. USA Ship: $5.00 …and/or $10.00 (Jizz priority) Love to have my BALONEY (bottom) handled. If you wish, for an […]

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Jock Scented Compression Shorts

Owned these for 7 months, they came super sweaty from a jock who does wrestling and always cums in them after winning each match…im talking […]

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Piss Stained Jockeys 2

$$30 Ships FREE

Piss stained low-rise classic Jockeys

Would you like to lick and suck my piss stained Alpha Stud bulge? Vitamins make my piss so yellow and smelly! Only one size – […]

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Photo on 11-22-14 at 3.44 PM #2 copy


Stick your face into Str8 Dad’s smelly boxer briefs

Straight athletic mature ex-jock here. My boxers-briefs really have a masculine, musky smell after I wear them for a week. My bush is really hairy […]

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