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    Socks were described as ripe and cheesy but they smelled like laundry detergent. However, the seller sent me a refund, so he is not all bad.
    Reply back from Author: Buyer just wants freebies!! Beware sellers
    These reviews are the truth. Other sellers, take note. This guy is the real deal, with a scent that can only be described as intoxicating. First time buyer from him, there will be no others. From the sweaty socks to the overripe tshirt (not complaining AT ALL), to the cum/piss/sweaty briefs, I need to take the day off just to process thru the scents. Oh yeah, and his cum = delicious. He\'s worth every penny, seriously do yourself a favor and place your order NOW. Going to smell/taste the piece of fabric he sent with his smeg on it just so I could see how it smelled. Beyond amazing seller!
    Awesomely ripe socks. Good communication and fast shipping. Definitely recommend this guy.
    This seller knows exactly what his customers crave for!! Recently ordered a few stuff from him, the scent of these are just right that made me jizz into heaven :p The seller was so patient in responding my emails and was more than happy satisfy me in all additional requests I asked for, with no extra charge! Don’t miss such highly tasty and responsible muscle stud!
    Really happy I ordered my ripe dirty undies from you. You are truly the real deal. Great guy to. Very willing to customize to the liking. Will be ordering again. Thanks man.
    This guy is the real deal. great goods and great service. You will be pleased !
    Very pleased
    have bought a lot of items and I’ve always been satisfied I always get my products as dirty and stinky as I like them or even more great customer service Total fan and I will continue to keep buying from you!


I’m a Horny Uncut Mexican fucker who enjoys digging around the dirty laundry basket. My favorite hobby is riding my bike the whole 7 days of the week! So you can imagine how much I sweat and how much I fuck up gear! I love the stink on my foreskin! I know you will want to come and sniff ! I shower once or twice a week. Love being dirty, like a man should be. I’m always horny and eager to please, let me know what it is you want from me.



BOSS up ! Who wants my spunk ?

MEX hairy bro cummed on Hugo Boss cock and ball huggers ! How many loads do you want? Can do whatever comes to your mind […]

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Mex hairy bro stinky cheesy sox

Get your cheesy stink on! Have not washed my socks In over a week ! Have several pairs! Athletic Mex outdoorsy bro here. Always sweatin […]

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Hairy MEX rugged bro sweaty stinky socks

So bros! I have several pairs of socks that I’ve been wearing over the past week, and some even longer ! Can do whatever comes […]

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Cyclist hairy sweaty cock and balls CK jockstrap

Low rise! Hugs my cock and balls just right! It’s fucking hot outside, and ive been sweating like a mother fucker! Can do whatever comes […]

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Damn tight! Hairy bro ADIDAS compression shorts

Dudes! bros! guys ! been riding my bike all Morning in these adidas compression shorts. It’s fuckin hot out and I’m sweating like a motha […]

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Oh so tight ! My Nike compression tights!

So guys, I’ve been riding my bike and gettin high, with these tight, white, Nike compression tights! Can’t deny, my cock smells ripe! Been sweating […]

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LET’S GET DICK’n !!! Hairy JOCK used up fucked up FLESHLIGHT

Fuck’n love dick’n around in this clear fleslight!! Love how cock is visible and pumpin!! I can stick my uncut fucker all day in this. […]

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DAMN THATS RANK !!! Hairy bro cheesy sweaty puma jock socks

Well goddamn guys!! Another pair of my sweaty cheesy feet stink jock socks!! Been used for over a week for all daily activities ( work,gym,running). […]

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