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Hi! I’m Josh - published art erotica model and adult entertainer, former pole dancer. Do you have a cum or piss fetish? I CUM and pee for thirsty fans. My cum treats and pee drinks are known for their great taste, frozen in a glass vial or jar and shipped Next-Day for freshness. Tasting great for you is super important to me, so my costs are a little higher. My diet is amazing and I only drink water and coconut water. You can also purchase my used cum caked thongs, underwear and other products like fine art prints. Have me on your walls or in your mouth...

What Customers Say:

"Your cum arrived this morning and it is even better than advertised. You are delicious, probably the best I have ever tasted. I will be getting more. Just your aroma made me hard."

“…I must say your cum is amazing.”

“Hey Josh, Your cum was delicious. Want to order 5 more…”

"Thank you again for your wonderful gifts of life... your semen was very sweet and fresh."

“Taking a sniff of your pee, the aroma was just perfect. I carefully took a taste of you. Better than any flavored water I have had. The aftertaste lingers and I like that it does. It is incredibly addictive. I savor every mouthful. The color is just as it should. I watched your peeing video to imagine this savory and satisfying liquid exiting your lovely cock. I truly believe you have a beverage sensation at your disposal. I will have a number of drinks the rest of the day so as not to lose its intoxicating taste.”



(NEW) Taste My Pee (60ml)

Taste my body’s nectar. My pee is always light in taste and it’s actually sweet – vanilla-like. I always drink a ton of water and […]

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Taste My Cum (10ml)

Cum drinkers! Taste this pole dancer’s fresh cum, frozen and shipped Next-Day in a 10ml glass vial. I’ll cum several times in a day giving […]

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