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She meant something, unexpectedly, Ye Weiwei did not get angry, but nodded approvingly, "OK, thank you for Ye Qian's sister's concern." After Ye Qian's cell phone made no sound, Ye Weiwei pretended to pick up her cell phone and pretended to exclaim, "Oh, Dad, what can I do?"? Ye Qian's sister- " Hand the mobile phone to Ye Qingcheng. Ye Qingcheng's face was livid, as if it were the prelude to a howling storm, and the whole hall was covered with dark clouds. The rain is coming. Even Lin Qingkui stood back. Ye Qian calmly looked at Ye Qingcheng and looked at his cell phone, quietly. Pow! Ye Qingcheng dropped his cell phone heavily on the table and made a clear sound. He looked at Ye Qian angrily. "Stay out at night?"? How many boats do you have? With the punks? Ye Qian, you can stand it. Ye Qian stared at her good-looking eyes. "Father, what are you talking about? I don't understand." She did not give a look to Ye Weiwei, who was secretly proud. Ye Weiwei took his cell phone over and saw that the micro-blog in the post bar was full of events about Ye Qian. Originally, she only intended to cause a sensation on the college post bar, but Ji Boran came back to add oil and vinegar to her, to expand the matter, to find someone to spread the matter on Weibo and secretly buy hot search, in one night, the matter was fermented to the whole network. Oh, yes, I don't know what happened to Boran,Magnetic Drain Plug, but I also found a girl who looked very similar to Ye Qian, and took some unsightly photos and videos. At the same time, with her story, most of the videos showed only her back and side face. If you are not very familiar with her, you will definitely admit your mistake. Now Even if everyone knows it's fake, she has nothing to say! A girl whose reputation has been ruined, no matter how she explains it, everyone will have doubts in their hearts. It must be bad behavior that leads to such rumors. Ye Qingcheng took a deep breath, did not know what to think of,Stainless steel foundry, eyes turned red, "the things in the bones can not be changed!"! Ye Qian, I am really disappointed with you! You're just like your mother! It's so mean! Ye Qian is stupefied, isn't it just a few pictures? What's going on? She hurriedly asked 002, only to know that Ji Boran had splashed dirty water. To find someone to pretend to be her? This move is poisonous enough. She quickly calmed down, and although it was far from what she had expected, it was not impossible to clarify. She collected herself and said, "Father, I have half of your blood on my body. Aren't you scolding yourself for scolding me?"? So please be respectful when you speak. Although you don't know what happened, please don't forget your calmness as the head of Ye's family. Ye Weiwei looked at Ye Qian, who was still so calm, and sneered in his heart, even at this time he was still pretending? All right, just let her jump a little longer, and when she goes to school later, she will know how uncomfortable it is. Ye Qingcheng took a deep breath, his eyes were cold, metal stamping parts ,die casting parts, and he grabbed the mobile phone from Ye Weiwei's hand and threw it in the past, "You can see what good things you have done!" Seeing those filthy photos, he immediately thought of the scene that summer when he was drugged and did whatever he wanted. Had it not been for that night, Ye Qian would not have appeared in this world at all! If it hadn't happened, maybe.. She will come back to him. Ye Wei dodged the mobile phone thrown straight over and looked at it slowly. The picture is more exaggerated than what 002 said, and even she can't bear to see it. She threw her cell phone on the table, no longer installed the grievance of the poor little white flower, eyes on the pick, tone back to their original strong arrogance, "this." You believe that, too? As a father to see this kind of photo, whether true or false, the first time is not to immediately think of all kinds of ways to suppress things, do not let the photo spread out? Besides, in this post, the name of the Ye family was used to spread, which was a great blow to the flourishing Ye group. He had never thought of suppressing things at all, and had time to educate her here? Brain eaten by a dog? And this Ye Weiwei. It is really a person with low IQ. Does she think that she is the only victim if she does this? No, since she was tied up with the Ye family, she was not the only victim.
Not only Ye Weiwei, but even Ye Qingcheng was stunned for a moment, and then reacted, how could she talk to him like that? No family education at all! "How do you speak?" Ye Qian ignored his scolding, put her hands on her chest, and looked at him coldly. "Why don't you think of a way to do public relations quickly?"? Or when your stock goes down. She looked pointedly at Ye Weiwei, "Don't blame me for not reminding you, oh, yes, the things in this post, wait for you to finish public relations, and then check what happened, it has nothing to do with me." With that, she pushed the chair away and left the living room directly. Ye slightly gnashed his teeth and looked at her back, "Dad!"! Look at her, she has no family education at all! Why is she not surprised to see the post? Does she still have a back hand? No, it's impossible. Even if she comes forward and clarifies that the damage has been done, it can't be undone. She settled down. "Dad, don't listen to her nonsense. What stock has fallen?"? Completely- "It doesn't exist!"! The voice did not fall, Ye Qingcheng's work phone rang at the right time, he reached out to signal Ye Weiwei not to speak, and then picked up the phone. Three minutes later, his eyes were dark and full of anger. "Okay, I know. You find someone to stabilize this thing first." Ye Qian's words become a proverb. He had no time to finish the rest of his breakfast, so he hurriedly took his coat and left without a word. The company has something to do, Weiwei, you go to school by yourself later. Someone used this incident to discredit the company. Recalling Ye Qian's calm look, did she already know about this? She really didn't seem to know much about it, and she wasn't surprised, but she had such a keen perception that she had to say that she was as good as her mother. But It was disgusting to think of the picture she had just seen, and at the same time, like her mother. There was no smoke without fire, and he believed that it was because she was always with the gangsters these days that there was such a rumor. He closed his mind, pinched the bridge of the nose, let the driver to increase the speed,DIN screw plug, although the heart complained about Ye Qian, but can quickly because of this matter to make a counterattack, certainly can not be underestimated. autoparts-dx.com

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