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"All right, Lord Ning, don't pretend." He got up and grabbed Ning Yunzhao and said to the people who came in, "What are you talking about outside?"? We can't hear clearly in the room. The visitor and the people outside the door were stunned and immediately smiled meaningfully. "Lord Ning doesn't hear anything outside the window." One said. Ning Yunzhao smiled. What you don't hear is something outside the window that has nothing to do with you. He said in a low voice. The people inside and outside were stunned and immediately laughed, and they were quite touched. This is the big truth, ah, without hypocrisy, everyone says selfless, but who can really have no selfishness? "Lord Ning, don't eavesdrop like that." Suddenly a man stepped out and said, "We're going out for a simple meal. Why don't Lord Ning come with us?" When he said this, there was some commotion behind him. All right, let's go together. Ning Yunzhao's roommate has taken the initiative to say. Ning Yunzhao also nodded. All right, let's go together. He said. Looking at Ning Yunzhao and several people walking forward, the backward people looked a little complicated. What do you call him? His surname is Ning. One man said in a low voice, "Ning Yan defends Cheng Guogong." But the other man immediately shook his head. Ning Xiaoguan is different from Lord Ning. He said in a low voice. Why is it different? It's a family. Can you turn your elbow outward? Said the first man, frowning. No, no, not out, but he turned to himself. Said another in a low voice. Yes, the last time Lord Ning opposed the peace talks,wholesale plastic pallet, Ning Xiaoguan didn't say anything. Someone also leaned over and said in a low voice, "and he reminded me that several people were spared the disaster of the fish in the pond, not only those who advocated war, but also those who negotiated peace." Listening to this story, people who had doubts were surprised and immediately relieved. So it seems that Ning Xiaoguan is very wise, then let him discuss it together, maybe there is a good suggestion. He said.. Located in the most prosperous area of the capital, the Zhangjia Restaurant is very lively day and night. At this time,mobile garbage bin, a spacious private room was full of people. Although they looked simply dressed, their gestures and gestures were somewhat dignified. The sharp-eyed Zhike recognized at a glance that they were all Beijing officials. Of course, Zhike also saw that these people's positions were not high. There were many such officials in the capital, and many of them were officials at best. But Beijing officials are Beijing officials in the end, their number is huge, and they have been entrenched in the capital for many years, and their relationship is complex and can not be underestimated. They talked and laughed slowly, their words were simple but sharp, and after a few cups of wine and tea, they discussed a few things. Now everyone is in agreement. A man in his forties stood up and said that he was obviously a man who had been immersed in officialdom for a long time. Cheng Guogong wanted to reward him, so much so that he emptied the treasury, forcing merchants to pay money and officials to pay salaries, which was really domineering. All the people present nodded their heads. Yes, he craves for greatness and success, and is greedy for fighting and hurting the people. "Now all the generals are learning from him, plastic pallet supplier ,stackable plastic pallets, blindly asking for credit and reward, like a rogue tiger and wolf." "If we let him succeed this time, he will surely be more prosperous in the future." "If you plunder the profits of the merchants and the salaries of the officials today, you will be able to plunder a hundred or two thousand taels in the future. I don't know how many merchants will lose their families." For a time, the words continued. The man who stood up was very satisfied with everyone's reaction, raised his hand to signal everyone to stop, and his eyes flashed a cold color. Those businessmen who have been bullied have decided to file a joint appeal. As officials, we are not in a position to act, so we have to persuade the students to plead for the businessmen, make joint suggestions, and go on strike collectively to set the record straight. He said. Businessmen appeal to, this student strike is a big deal, the student is a scholar, is the future official bachelor, represents the orthodoxy of the country, if they come forward to respond, absolutely can set off a storm. The room suddenly became even more lively. What do you think? The man asked again, just a question, the heart has been sure that no one will object, after all, this matter has been operating for a period of time. As soon as his voice fell, he heard someone's voice clear. I don't think so.
” The sound made the hall suddenly quiet. Who is this? Why did you let the troublemaker in? Everyone looked at the voice, but saw a handsome and elegant young man sitting on a futon, tall and straight, with a warm expression, which made people feel happy at first sight. It is difficult to associate him with a deliberately disruptive person in terms of appearance and manner alone. Is it wrong? "I don't think that's a good idea, gentlemen." Ning Yunzhao said again. There was a commotion in the room, and the man who brought him was even more flustered. Fortunately, the leading man was used to the storm, and although he was angry, he soon calmed down. Lord Ning, what's wrong with pleading for the people? He asked in reply. It is naturally good to plead for the people. Ning Yunzhao said, "It's just that this is the emperor's order. Are you going to disobey the emperor's order?" Is Ning Chang, the Number One Scholar, Stupid in Reading? Of course, they didn't want to disobey the emperor's orders, so they targeted Cheng Guogong. Your Majesty was forced and deceived by Cheng Guogong to make such an order. The leading man said patiently, "That's why I want Cheng Guogong to listen to the voice of the people and turn back to the shore." Ning Yunzhao shook his head. But the timing is not right. He also said patiently, with a calm expression and a calm tone, which made people feel very sincere. "It is your majesty's order to flatter Cheng Guogong. When such a thing happens, what about the prince who comes to greet him?"? What about the emperor waiting at the imperial gate? All the people are waiting to see. What they want to see is not only Cheng Guogong, but also the scenery of His Majesty the Emperor. Such a thing happened. It was a slap in the face of Cheng Guogong, but it was also a slap in the face of the emperor. Seriously think is indeed the truth, they intend to do so, it is precisely because of the emperor, when the time comes to cause the emperor's anger, good punishment into the Duke. However,plastic pallet manufacturer, this is really hit the face of the emperor, when the time comes to punish Cheng Guogong, these troublemakers are afraid not to run.. There was a low sound of discussion in the room. cnplasticpallet.com

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