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"This.." Tell the goddess, you let me find the opportunity to suppress the earth, I did according to your words. But the development of things was totally beyond my expectation. Balaban told the whole story of Philip's three expeditions against the earth. What? Are you saying that Philip is going to capture Lin and Iron Face alive, humiliate them, and then execute them? The statue of the goddess of nature was amazed. Lin and the Iron Face must not die! At least not until we search for other serpent hosts! Yes, Lord Goddess! Therefore, I ask you to send some high gods down this time. Then, we can directly kidnap Lin and Iron Face from Philip's hands and imprison them on the planet of the goddess of nature for my use! Balaban bowed his head. Mmm. All right! I'll have several level 3 gods descend on the planet of the Goddess of Nature. As a matter of fact, I've had this idea for a long time. The high gods have come down and can help you find the treasure. However, the arrival of high-level gods,collapsible pallet box, you must not make public, you must keep a low profile! You know, the God level of the low-level planet is very hostile to the high-level gods coming down, so when hijacking Lin and Iron Face,plastic pallet bins, we should also pay attention to hiding our strength and identity! "Yes!"! Lord Goddess, I fully understand! ……………… Toronto field, Goomar, level 1 planet. In a natural cave on the planet Goomar. The walls of the cave are covered with special luminous moss and vines, which shine the whole cave as bright as day. Two strange creatures sit on two stone piers in the cave. These two creatures.. The appearance is really disgusting. Their skin was covered with thick, moldy liquid, and disgusting bone spurs came out of their bodies, plastic pallet crates ,drum spill pallet, making them look like moldy and purulent hedgehogs. Harvey, my son.. Why, why did you leave the planet Goo? You just came back to me from another planet, and now.. Are you leaving again? One monster said to the other. The voice is full of complaints. Father, please do not worry about me, I am going to the planet of the goddess of nature this time, plunder some beautiful spirits back to enjoy! Wahaha! Father, didn't you rape a female elf on the planet of the goddess of nature before you gave birth to me? Ha-ha! I will rape all the female elves! I need a woman! Suddenly, the monster, who was called "Harvey", withdrew his bone spurs all over his body, and a green natural breath lingered around him. In a twinkling of an eye, the original ferocious and disgusting monster was transformed into an elegant, handsome and elegant middle-aged male elf. Harvey! It is Lin Feng who encounters the elf elder Harvey in the third layer of the fantasy created by Heno! Whew! Suddenly, a small green snake scurried out of Harvey's head. Ha-ha! Dear Lord Harvey, go and plunder the fairy maiden! Pure elf girl, will let you get stronger power! *** them! Go *** them! "Humph!"! Of course! The women of Guma Planet are smelly and dirty, and they are disgusting to death! The elf girl is much more attractive! This Harvey, since he was defeated by Lin Feng in the third realm and fled back to the planet, has been unable to recover. Until one day, an adventure came to him. He was chosen as a host by a serpent, which made his strength jump from the level of emperor to the level of God! ……………… Ps: Haha, the snake of 7 is finally going to be reunited! I'm going to start writing the plot of the treasure hunt! I hope you will continue to support me (to be continued, if you want to know what happened, please visit diancomm,plastic pallet price, more chapters, support the author, support genuine reading!) ? binpallet.com

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