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Ling Jiao lowered her head and shook her shoulders, which in the eyes of outsiders was the appearance of crying out of grievance. She could also raise her hand to wipe the tears that did not exist. It adds more authenticity. The people around him were suddenly as quiet as chickens, and even the people who had been chattering stopped talking. First, a little blush, so many people bullied a girl was also seen by the leaders above, the second is to think of the last time Ling Jiao brought back a few public security and was arrested in the Yao village and their warning. There are still police here, and they don't want to get hurt again. "Well, since Ling Jiao didn't do it, it's none of her business." The village chief looked at Yao Wang's family who wanted to get into the cracks in the ground, as well as those who looked shyly, and sighed from the bottom of his heart. Come out and smooth things over. "These people do not know what evil, everything has to pull Ling Jiao." All right, those who were called before will stay, and all the others will be scattered. As soon as Wang Aiguo gave the order, the crowd immediately made a commotion, scattered, and went to their homes one after another. Ling Jiao walked away without looking back. The village chief and the big shot from the county discussed the matter of going up the mountain to look for someone. Of course,plastic pallet bin, people are not found. The people from the county and the villagers who were named by the village to help find people searched for several days in the mountains, but found nothing. Chapter 44 He even met tigers and wild boars several times and ran down the hill in a mess. There were no casualties. But the work of looking for people in the mountains made them resist. In the end, it can only be attributed to the fact that people have been eaten by the beasts in the mountains, so the matter is not settled. Ling Jiao knew that this meant that they were completely safe and breathed a sigh of relief at home. But the villagers who had been roared by Ling Jiao looked down on Ling Jiao even more. Ling Jiao also does not care, anyway does not depend on them to live. Even after this incident, she had planned to give the sweet potato seeds in the village,plastic bulk containers, but she changed her mind and did not intend to give them. This group of white-eyed wolves, again and again can not see her good, Ling Jiao is to see clearly, simply feed not ripe! Even bite her back at the critical moment. How could Ling Jiao do such a thing that benefits others and harms herself?! It's absolutely impossible! Yu Zhan returned to the army safely before the end of the holiday. Now the matter of Xu Lao's disappearance must be known above. In order not to frighten the snake, he did not dare to call Ling Jiao, nor did he write a letter. It's time for the mission in a few days. He will see her then. Time is like running water, and a few days have passed in a flash. The time for Yu Zhan's mission finally arrived. These days, he endured the thoughts and worries in his heart. He dreamed that he had arrived at Yunshui Village and met Ling Jiao. But when I woke up, I found that I was still lying on the bed in the dormitory, and my mood was like sitting on a jumper and falling to the bottom. Unspeakably uncomfortable. Bad mood, action is certainly not where to go, recently Yu Zhan's soldiers in his Iron-blooded training, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, are as clever as quails, but in private are talking about whether the King of Hell ate firecrackers, or was dumped by the object! Otherwise, the expression of dark clouds day by day is not a woman's thing every month, and it is unreasonable to be rude! If these Yu Zhan knew, those little soldiers were afraid to eat a platoon head again! On the day of the mission, Yu Zhan gathered with his teammates step by step as always! Walking like a ruler measuring the general pace, and the usual expressionless face looks nothing special, but in fact his heart has been anxious like ants on a hot pot, eager to drive to Yunshui Village. This side Yu Zhan's urgent Ling Jiao obviously did not know, she recently had the same leisurely as usual, in addition to occasionally think of Yu Zhan, but should eat and sleep. The place where Yu Zhan went on their mission was Linxian County, a county next to Yunshui Village. Over the past year, there have always been incidents of children being lost in this place. Through many investigations, the local public security finally found out the various routes and specific dens of child trafficking gangs. The local police urgently organized personnel to carry out the extermination, but because the leader of the gang did not know where to get a lot of firearms, and many of the perpetrators were very powerful practitioners, although the police destroyed several dens of the gang, they suffered heavy casualties and had little effect.
Even the leader of the gang has abandoned several routes and reopened new dens because of the exposure of the route. The internal undercover agent finally handed out the latest internal information, which also included the time of the latest transaction. Local public security in order to ensure foolproof, wipe out those disasters at one stroke, early applied for the above assistance, so there is Yu Zhan they out of the task of this matter. This time, Lin Kui also came with Yu Zhan. They went out in casual clothes and quietly connected with the head of the local public security Bureau. After a close discussion, the two sides finally discussed a seamless annihilation plan. The two sides of the annihilation plan cooperated perfectly. The leader of the gang was captured, and the other minions were wounded and died. Fortunately, those who were all right could not escape. All the children who had been abducted before they could be sold were rescued. Throughout the battle, there were no deaths on our side except for the wounded. This is a successful battle of annihilation. Everyone is very happy, except Yu Zhan. Because he was wounded, in a close fight with the leader, in order to save a little boy he used as a shield, the leader cut a big cut on his arm with a dagger. The bright red blood dyed the camouflage combat uniform red and black. Good thing it wasn't an artery. But Yu Zhan was still a little flustered, especially when he thought of going to see Ling Jiao. Boss, are you not feeling well? Why are you so spiritless? Lin Kui looked at Yu Zhan, who was sitting on the hospital bed with his head down and motionless, and thought he was uncomfortable, so he got up and wanted to call a doctor. In the past,plastic trash bins, even if their eldest brother was seriously injured, he could still keep his face intact and still look like the King of Hell with an expressionless face. The injury was minor this time. Why are you more depressed than before?! "Come back, I'm fine!" Yu Zhan gave a white look at Lin Kui. cnplasticpallet.com

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