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Hey guys, I’m a 36 yr old bull who was born to breed! I have a long thick cock and produce cum to fulfill your every desire… blue collar, hardworking, constantly lifting to stay in shape, train and compete in strongman events. If you’re interested in trying the highest quality cum a big bull has to offer, you’ve cum to the right place! I’ll be selling my loads by volume: 5ml vial $25 and 10ml vial $40. Feel free to request anything that turns you on, I can add my loads to food, add gummy bears or gummy worms to the vial for a sweeter treat! Hit me up if you have any questions ~ J



Sweet Cum Nectar by volume

Hey guys, I’m a walking cum factory… 6-1/2 foot 280 pound bull with massive balls and a long cock, here to fulfill any desire you […]

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