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    This Alpha Stud has a strong masculine scent and he is very dominant. The smell of his socks is out of this world and I dream of licking his strong Alpha feet clean. Once you are under his socks no other socks make sense anymore. You just know HE is the one.
    Haven\'t ordered from him in a while, but so glad I decided to again. AMAZING gear, and works to make sure you get what you want/need in it. Thanks Mike!!
    One of the best sellers on this site. His gear smells and tastes great, doesn\'t skimp on the wear time. He ships quick so his spit and piss taste great and fresh. I am very satisfied as a repeat customer. Just beware of how easy it is getting addicted to this stud\'s hot smelling and tasting sweat, piss, and spit. Thank you, Sir!
    Another performance fulfilled well done! Got these neat football padded shorts nice and wet and the smell comes off as a true alpha\'s scent.
    Best seller ever!!! Comes with video, picture, and really stinky socks!!!! Best thing is- the shipment is really quickly!! I’ll definitely buy again!
    Mike is amazing! He has me hooked on his piss!
    Fantastic first purchase and one of the best jocks I\'ve yet to buy! Very friendly and sold some amazing gear. Highly recommend!
    The best stuff I\'ve smelled in a long time. He really goes above and beyond in service too. When the package arrived, I almost came as soon as I opened the first vac-sealed back and got a whiff of his sweat even though I was locked in chastity. I will definitely order some more again in the future. Thank you, Sir!
    Absolutely amazing. This hot guy delivers and then some!! Great packaging, friendly and goes all out to satisfy. Will definately be back for more. Thx Mike
    Amazing! Sucks I live so far from this alpha stud. bought and shipped a Cup to South Africa, thanks to SA postal took 3 months however had left the US in 2 days after payment. Got home and lay on my bed sniffing in his amazing ball sweat and smell! Thank you sir for giving me the privilege of sniffing your amazing odours!
    Amazing! The best bro anyone could ask for. He truly cares and customizes everything. Highly recommend!!
    This guy is amazing! His stink is addicting can’t get enough of it. Manly and dominant personality, reliable, quick shipping, reasonably priced. Highly recommend to anyone!
    I\'m fast becoming addicted to this guy\'s scent. He\'s not only hot, but soaks a tshirt like no other. A+++ for prompt replies and shipping is impeccable. Look forward to many more transactions.
    Feels hot everytime I put on his rank compression shorts! This guy plays really hard like he says. On top of that, he\'s quick to respond and ships within a short period.
    Great items. Would buy from again
    Ya never know what you\'re going to get when you order here, but let me say, this man delivered. Not only was he quick to respond, the final product was exactly as described and his packing is perfection. Can\'t wait to order again pronto.
    This is my second time ordering. Not only was he a great communicator, his products are incredible! I am extremely satisfied with our transaction.
    Ordered a custom item and he delivered as always! Amazing!!!!
    The vans smell amazing! Also got some of his sweet loads. Definitely worth every penny and I can’t wait for more!!!
    Ordered his tasty alpha piss. Smelt and tasted great. Will definitely be ordering again. So many things I want to try! I need his piss ASAP. Great guy great service.
    One word: AMAZING!
    Great product and service! He makes sure you are satisfied and is very nice. The smell of his socks are just the most amazing smell I've ever smelled! He's very discreet and it gets to you in a timely fashion. The audio updates are a definite plus. I'd highly recommend! He does have such an attention to detail and just an amazing seller!
    Seller is amazing with such attention to detail and customer care. I ordered internationally and the package arrived really quickly and vacuum sealed. His gear smells amazing and hot. You won’t regret making a purchase! Highly recommended. Don’t forget to ask for audio as it makes the experience even hotter.
    Bought a bottle of his awesome spit.
    This guy really gives it his all when it comes to pleasing his customers. Nice guy who gives you what you want, will definitely buy from him again!!!
    My items were exactly what I ordered, plus more. “Fratboy’s“ communicated excently throughout the transaction. I am very happy with my merchandise, and will definitely be ordering again from him.
    Ordered a shirt from him. All i can say is DAMN! If your looking for STRONG MASCULINE AROMAS this guy is the man. I can come in a few minutes just by sniffing it. Pretty sure the smells will last forever. The seller is very professional and he gives audio updates via email prior to shipment.
    Just as hot as you want and delivery is fresh!
    excellent seller, great communication and fast service, highly recommended!
    He\'s the real deal. Made my fantasy a reality ;)
    Simply amazing. Second pair I\'ve ordered from this dude. He stepped up to the plate when a pair I ordered from him got lost in transit, and funked up another pair, sending it free of charge. I\'ll be ordering again soon. Totally hot.
    All I can say is amazing! Return buyer who is coming back for more.
    Not only the best in my life, they last forever. Perfect vacum sealed, discret envolope and superfast international delivery. I mean really the best.
    always a first-rate transaction. Very professional seller with awesome goods.
    Item was as described and shipped promptly and discretely. Good communication.
    Have ordered several times. Always great items and communication.
    Received a great pair of undies just the way I like em. Guy was prompt on e-mail and very professional. Really like how he vacuum seals the merchandise so it smells like he just took em off.
    best stuff, very valued seller, Had exactly what i asked for and he is so hot! A++++
    So this is the best seller I\'ve evert talked to. All tailored to my needs, no rush, no pressure, you know what you get and what you pay for. 100% reliable and honest dude! Smooth end to end customer relation management and focusing on their satisfaction. Thanks m8!
    Holy fuck. Reading this dudes autobiography was enough to get me going. And once I received what I had ordered...man I was blown away. Custom made exactly to order. Disgusting just the way I asked for them. Really prompt shipment and reasonable pricing. Seems like a chill dude. Just received my first order today and already placed another order. I'm hooked.
    Rank stuff. Gave me exactly what I wanted, great communication, and exceedid my satisfaction on all else! Will again in the future!
    Awesome seller! Always delivers the product as promised,sexy Alpha masculine sent I will be ordering from him again and again!
    Great seller! Perfect exchange of timely communication to get you exactly what you need. Lets you know when things are on the way. Would certainly buy again. Thanks!
    Amazing product and great communication. Will order again soon.
    This guy is awesome. Very professional and knowledgeable seller, and his goods are first rate. His cum is so tasty!
    As expected after reading the reviews, he was extremely good with communication, his products are extremely satisfying, and I will most certainly be purchasing from him again!
    He is definitely one of the best, all of his stuffs are amazing. Good communicator and definitely will buy more from him.
    Deff will buy from him again !
    As others have said, this guy is great to work with. He delivers exactly what he says he will and on time. I have purchased from him a few times and will buy more in the future. The only warning I might provide, is that this dude can really rank up his gear. If you are a first time buyer, you better get your nose ready; but you will love it.
    Fratboys, I enjoyed buying items from you and will continue buying from you .
    This guy is amazing. I'm already hooked. Definitely worth trying out! +Always keeps in contact +Makes sure you get what you want +Fast shipping
    Friendly, accommodating and very patient...yet dominant and commanding. But it s ALL good! A great communicator with excellent top notch gear. He looks good and tastes even better. Ive bought two pairs of sneakers and a sweaty t-shirt and they ALL were provided as promised. No disappointment!
    Honestly, I've never dealt with a better guy! Always very prompt with communication and extremely accommodating! Will do his best to make sure what you order is up to standard. You will NOT be disappointed! I certainly am not, and you can bet I\'ll be back to order even more from him in the future!
    This guy is awesome! Great communication and great gear. Will definitely be back for more.
    Excellent item. Exactly what I wanted. His scents are great, made me bone up as soon as I opened the ziploc bag they were in.
    i think i'm in love . this guy smells so good. he's super friendly.stayed in communication the best. i will be getting more gear from him
    this guy is the best. worth every cent.
    Just received my boxer briefs... amazing taste and scent, was just as I ordered. There was actually so much taste and scent, I\'ll probably be enjoying them for awhile....hot.
    Super friendly! Great communication, even after sending the gear! Great scent! Great taste!! Blew my mind! Fast shipping too!
    Great service, scent and shipping. And he stays in touch during and after the sale.
    This dude rocks... Excellent communication before shipping very attentive to customer requests! This guy nose socks! :)


I am an Executive and I'm very competitive. I actively compete in tennis, soccer and rugby working out daily.

Let me know what you need and I can be reached at fratboz7@gmail.com.


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