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Such astonishing words stunned both the dreamer and the God. Amy has not yet learned the truth of Yunhuang-what will be the consequences of letting such an unawakened dreamer rush into the virtual world of Yunhuang? The gold and glass bracelet on the wrist vibrated again, as if there was great pain, but also a metaphor for the disaster of Yunhuang at the moment! "To ward off evil spirits!" Xiao Yin at the moment no longer want to go home and so on, bowed his head and held his wrist exclaimed, "the gold glass bracelet is cracked!"! Gold and glass bracelets.. It's splitting! Come on! Just watch! The God and the dream weaver! The silver-haired demon laughed, suddenly turned around, opened the third window, and opened his arms. "Come and see the destruction of Yunhuang!" w w w. xiao shuotxt. co m Chapter 12 startled dreams. Novel t-xt heaven Amy felt that she had fallen from one dream to another. The silver-haired man took her to Xiao Yin's villa, pushed open the window that Xiao Yin's sister had told her never to open, and pushed her out of the window before she protested. She fell into the bottomless space and time, screaming-in an instant, the dazzling golden light suddenly drowned her. At that moment, she subconsciously stretched out her hand and clenched the ancient jade hanging in her neck to ward off evil spirits. Are you dreaming? Are you having a nightmare? So this surprise and nightmare should wake up, right? When the consciousness returned, the girl suddenly sat up. However, as soon as I looked up, I saw the ancient totem on the roof and the huge sculpture in the temple! Not at home.. Not in any of the places she was familiar with! Where is this? She was lying on a white jade altar, and when she woke up, there were countless pairs of eyes around her. Go tell the saint that she woke up. She heard an announcement in a low voice,fenugreek saponins, spreading layer by layer to the periphery. She sat up inexplicably and looked left and right. However, when she saw the people around her, she suddenly let out a scream: "Ghost, ghost!" " The people around are all dressed in ancient clothes, like actors in a costume drama. However, the most terrible and weird thing is that under the heavy and primitive clothes, all the people are white skeletons! No face,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, no eyes, I don't know how many years she's been dead, and the skeletons are all around her, talking about her when she just woke up. The skeletons, as if they did not know how terrible their appearance was, stood there calmly, dressed in religious costumes, holding strings of spiritual beads in their hands, which had already turned into bones, and surrounding the girl on the lotus platform. Amy was almost stunned by the eerie atmosphere. "Where is this?"? Where is this! She screamed and jumped down from the lotus platform and staggered out. She's going home.. She's going home! That glutton. Where on earth did the guy who claimed to be the exorcism brother take her? She ran away in the empty hall, and the skeletons were startled to stop her. However, the ancient jade hanging on her neck showed a faint golden light, protecting the escaping girl, and the hands of the skeletons melted like ice and snow in the light. The skeleton gods all exclaimed and stepped back, akba boswellic acid ,tannic acid astringent, looking at the fleeing girl with empty black eyes. Running out of the nine-fold door in one breath, Amy pushed the door open with both hands. She saw daylight. However, she was suddenly dazzled in the sunlight. She actually stood in the clouds-outside the temple door was a square, decorated with white jade railings. However, this square is filled with white clouds! The wind in the sky was cold and cold, and the clouds poured into the high platform. Is she in some very high place now? For a moment, Amy seemed to fall into a dream again, but did not dare to run around, carefully through the white clouds in the square, walked to the railing, and looked into the distance. The moment she bent over and looked into the distance, she suddenly knew where she was. "Yunhuang, Yunhuang Continent!"! Lost Continent! The girl blurted out an exclamation of surprise and looked at the strange and familiar earth under the towering tower: the sun had not yet risen, but the glimmer of dawn had already enveloped the earth.
Standing on the top of the mountain, overlooking the land under our feet, the mysterious new continent reveals its true appearance in the dawn, showing strange and beautiful colors: white, cyan, blue, purple, black and sand interlaced, like a huge blanket woven vertically and horizontally, spreading to the end of the sky. There is a huge lake in the center of the continent, which stretches for thousands of miles. In the morning light, it seems that the gods have scattered scattered pearls, giving out brilliant light. The country of sand in the west, the country of Ze in the east, the city of Jiuyi in the north and the city of Biluo Haiye in the south-and that vast lake should be the famous Mirror Lake in the center of Yunhuang. Everything is exactly as written in the book. That is.. It was the land of cloud wasteland that she had read and imagined countless times in Lost Continent! Amy suddenly sighed from the bottom of her heart and stretched out her arms with joy, trying to embrace the magnificent scene in front of her-Yunhuang! That is the cloud wasteland in her heart! She finally saw the land. So She must be dreaming. Must have been a dream. It's all her fault that she was too addicted to the books written by Xiao Yin's sister. She was at a loss for a moment, unable to use her eyes, standing on the top of the 64,000 foot white pagoda overlooking the mysterious continent, fearing that the dream would wake up in an instant. Everything was exactly as described in the book, except that everything below was lifeless: there was no greenery on the earth, no birds in the sky, and the streets and houses showed signs of burning and destruction, as if they had experienced an unprecedented disaster. Strange This cloud wasteland seems to be a dead continent? She looked down at the city of Galan, the capital of the emperor, under the white pagoda, and found that several places in the city seemed to be burning, the streets were in chaos, the sound of gold was heard throughout the city, and she faintly heard someone shouting "catch spies"-everything was so familiar. Strange It's so weird.. Why are these all the same as the story she made up yesterday? However,pumpkin seed extract, while Amy was climbing on the railing and looking left and right, a woman's question came from behind her, cold and noble: "Who are you?"? How did you cross the boundary and enter the cloud wasteland? ? prius-biotech.com

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