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Very used pink vibrator

Pretty pink vibrator, used for almost 6 months, Smells just like my pretty pu**y and just used today

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3 year old used bra

I love this bra it’s one of my favorites I wear it all the time!

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Cum Soaked Face Mask, SSBBW squirter

Professional therapist getting off on your face mask to the point that I squirt cum and soak the mask. You then can fantasize about my […]

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Pussy scented Face Mask

It is like wearing my pussy on your face all day, smell my sweet ssbbw juices and no one else knows…. like our little secret. […]

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Dirty Razor DM For Video

This razor head has been used over and over again and still has hairs in it. When purchased it’ll be filled with even more hair […]

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pore strips- college girl

** fresh out of the shower ** fresh out the shower, steaming hot pores filled with pore strip. 2 strips available: 1 used on nose […]

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Clit Sucker – Trans Boy’s Long Time Favorite Toy

I’ve had this toy for a few years now and I’ve used it well while I’ve had it. The clit sucker drives me INSANE! That […]

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Juicy Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is ripe with all my natural juices. I practice daily and despise wearing underwear so i know my scent is all over […]

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Used facial wipe.

Used makeup wipe. After working a long day! No makeup, but dirty face. BONUS: will email video of me using the wipe. Bbw size 24/26 […]

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Used Deodorant- Coconut

Daily used deodorant, coconut scented.

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Smelly socks

It’s a busy day going to be standing most of my day. Walking and sweating in these cute socks with my cute feet! With the […]

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Bath Water

This is super fresh detox water from the new moon bath I took last night.  The bath was super hot with a cup of baking […]

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Used crystal fuck me wand

Has my come dripped all over it. Smells just like my pussy

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Beautifully painted, pungent wrist cast

Beautiful wood-grain painted wrist cast.  I fractured two bones and have had this cast on for weeks and BOY does it smell. I wore it […]

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Girly mask with makeup

Two mask with less makeup and use but still well worn, no a unisex look but I think these masks would look sexy on anyone. […]

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Unisex masks with makeup

These are 2 well worn masks that have never been washed, they are both unisex mask so a lucky someone could continue wearing them with […]

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Dirty Q-tips

Get them before they are gone. 5 dirty q-tips. $10 is a steal. I look forward to hearing from you. 😉 don’t be shy. You […]

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Armpit hair

Smell my femininity. Rare opportunity to buy female arm pit hair. This opportunity won’t last long. I would love to hear from you. Don’t be […]

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5 each

Pussy pop

You know you want a pop from my wet, tight pussy. Just tell me how many you want…you’ll never get enough 😉

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Face Mask worn in 46 DDD Bra all day

It is like wearing my tits on your face all day, smell my sweet ssbbw juices and no one else knows…. like our little secret. […]

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Backwash Mouthwash 3Fl Oz

Who loves mouthwash? I know I do, that fresh minty taste. Would you like to taste my mouthwash? Swished and garbled around in my lovely […]

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Used Breastmilk Pads x2

Used breastmilk pads. Have been worn 24 hours and smell like a leaky milk goddess You get both pads . Won’t last long.

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Vibrator used by 2 lesbians

Used by two lesbians. I am selling mine and my ex girlfriends toys that haven’t been used since our last encounter. This one no longer […]

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Vibrator used by 2 lesbians

I am selling the toys that were used on me and my ex girlfriend. They have not been cleaned since our last encounter. We are […]

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Used Q-tips

I’ve been cleaning my ears and I know you want my dirty q-tips! Hurry and place your order; these won’t last long! Message me here […]

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Licked lollipops

I have a huge sweet tooth! ? I’ve been sucking on something, just for you! If you’re craving a little more sweetness; I’ll put these […]

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Bath Water

**REDUCED PRICE**I love a good bubble bath! I wish you could join me! Until then, wouldn’t you love a jar full of my bath water? […]

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5 dirty Q Tips

5 extremely dirty Q Tips from cleaning my ears this morning Tips stored in a zip bag

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VOXX technology insoles

I wore these insoles in my shoes without socks almost every day for 3 month, they have a good stinge, the insoles are with a […]

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Used Thong


Used Thong

Used panties for sale. Customizations are available. xxxl woman’s thong. Worn for at least 24 hours before shipping. Thongs/ undies/ underwear

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