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Ad Packs

Coming Soon!

We are changing the way ads work. From August 26, users will be able to post 3 ads at one time for free. If a member wishes to have more than 3 ads active at a time, he or she will either need to:

1.) Reduce the number of active ads to less than 3 or
2.) Purchase additional ads.

The pricing for the additional ads are below.

1 ad for 30 days $2.99
5 ads for 30 days $4.99
10 ads for 60 days $8.99
15 ads for 90 days $12.99
30 ads for 180 days $24.99

Each ad will remain active for 30 days or until removed.


New ads and membership may be moderated; it can take up to 24 hours for the ad to go live.