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    Deff will buy from him again !
    As others have said, this guy is great to work with. He delivers exactly what he says he will and on time. I have purchased from him a few times and will buy more in the future. The only warning I might provide, is that this dude can really rank up his gear. If you are a first time buyer, you better get your nose ready; but you will love it.
    Fratboys, I enjoyed buying items from you and will continue buying from you .
    This guy is amazing. I'm already hooked. Definitely worth trying out! +Always keeps in contact +Makes sure you get what you want +Fast shipping
    Friendly, accommodating and very patient...yet dominant and commanding. But it s ALL good! A great communicator with excellent top notch gear. He looks good and tastes even better. Ive bought two pairs of sneakers and a sweaty t-shirt and they ALL were provided as promised. No disappointment!
    Honestly, I've never dealt with a better guy! Always very prompt with communication and extremely accommodating! Will do his best to make sure what you order is up to standard. You will NOT be disappointed! I certainly am not, and you can bet I\'ll be back to order even more from him in the future!
    This guy is awesome! Great communication and great gear. Will definitely be back for more.
    Excellent item. Exactly what I wanted. His scents are great, made me bone up as soon as I opened the ziploc bag they were in.
    i think i'm in love . this guy smells so good. he's super friendly.stayed in communication the best. i will be getting more gear from him
    this guy is the best. worth every cent.
    Just received my boxer briefs... amazing taste and scent, was just as I ordered. There was actually so much taste and scent, I\'ll probably be enjoying them for awhile....hot.
    Super friendly! Great communication, even after sending the gear! Great scent! Great taste!! Blew my mind! Fast shipping too!
    Excellent Seller and Fantastic Gear!
    Great service, scent and shipping. And he stays in touch during and after the sale.
    Agree with the other reviewer. I received my second shipment of used socks from this guy and both times they exceeded my expectations. Shipping was fast, he was responsive and great to work with. Excellent communication. Looking forward to my next purchase from him!
    This dude rocks... Excellent communication before shipping very attentive to customer requests! This guy nose socks! :)


I'm an Athletic Stud and I play hard. I travel extensively and workout daily sweating profusely. I have a lot of gear(running, ruby,tennis) and I'm always interesting in hearing special request.

I have a strong masculine smell and just let me know if there is anything specific you need.

Fratboz7@gmail.com is where you will find me.

I'm very discreet, vacuum seal and frequently ship internationally.



Hot Stud’s Well Worn Nocona Cowboy Boots

I play hard and these have some smelly wear. I have a lot of used sweaty gear so let me know what you need. Maybe you need […]

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Hot Stud Sweaty Compression Shirt and Running Pants

This shirt fits tight against my chest and armpits. I play hard and sweat profusely so let me know how sweaty and dirty you like […]

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Cum Stained Under Armour Rugby Pads and Adidas Shirt – Alpha Male Swe...

I play hard and these pads fit tight against my cock catching the sweat from my stud balls. I will be at practice all week and […]

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Rank Workout Tshirt

I’ll workout in my shirts for a week and then bag sweaty. Let me know what you need and I’ll wear a few more days. […]

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Hot Stud Sweaty and Dirty Tshirt

I’m an active stud and workout daily. Have worn this shirt for a week and can wear a few more days. I’m always discreet and […]

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Cum Stained Sweaty Compression Shorts

These compression shorts fit tight against my cock and balls. Plus, it’s summer and I’m sweating my ass off. You can feel, smell and taste my sweaty masculine […]

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Smell my Masculine Statined Sweaty Underwear

I workout daily and play hard. I will wear to work, to bed and then to the gym. I’m always horny and sweaty. I can make my […]

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Hot and Sweaty Stud Underwear

I’m sweating my ass off in this heat and my cock and balls are beating the heck out of these underwear. I play hard and […]

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Hot Stud Pre Cum Stained Sleep Pants

I’m traveling across the country this week and these are the only sleep pants I’m wearing. They fit tight against my cock and balls and […]

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Sweaty Alpha Male Dirty Underwear

I’m an active Alpha male and I workout daily. Always interested in hearing special request so get my attention and I might tailor something just […]

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