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    Ads are not approved typically for one of the following reasons:

    1.) Main ad does not show a picture of the item made available for sale.

    Ads must show a picture of the item for sale as the main picture. Other pictures can show off whatever related
    pictures there are.

    If you are selling a custom item, include a pic of that item. If you are selling multiple custom items of the same type, include at least one sample and explain what you are offering in the ad description.

    2.) Ad title does not say what the item for sale is.

    Titles like “Sexy Stuff” are not specific enough. “Sexy Underwear” is ok!

    3.) Ad title includes a url

    The site is for advertising items not websites.

    4.) Item placed in an incorrect category
    If an item is to be customized, it goes in a custom category.
    Ads that have, for example, “I’ll do what you want” or “Tell me what you want” or “Will wear for x time” are items
    that are going to be customized.

    Rule of thumb – if you can put it in the mail immediately, then it goes in a non-custom category.
    If you need to do something to the item, or are waiting to be told what a customer wants done to the item,
    it goes in a custom category.

    5.) Advertisement is for items of different types
    Non-custom items – One item per ad is the rule. If you have identical pairs of an item, you can place it in one ad, just list how many you have left.

    Custom items – You can include multiple items of the same type (underwear, tops or bottoms). Just describe the items you have available. Do not mix items of different types (underwear and t-shirts, for example). Each goes in a separate ad.

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