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Men's footwear for sale.



Stick your face into Str8 Dad’s smelly gym socks

These gym socks will be worn by me day after day for jogging. They will really smell like my sweaty feet and sneakers. Athletic, str8, ex-jock […]

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Hairy MEX rugged bro sweaty stinky socks

So bros! I have several pairs of socks that I’ve been wearing over the past week, and some even longer ! Can do whatever comes […]

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DAMN THATS RANK !!! Hairy bro cheesy sweaty puma jock socks

Well goddamn guys!! Another pair of my sweaty cheesy feet stink jock socks!! Been used for over a week for all daily activities ( work,gym,running). […]

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Str8 Dad’s dress socks smell like leather and my size 13d feet

Straight, mature, over 60, athletic guy here. I will wear these socks with my loafers for 5 days to my office. They will really smell […]

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Stick your nose in straight, alpha, Dad’s smelly, sweaty slippers

Want to smell my foot-stink? Stick your nose in this mature, straight guy’s smelly slippers. I am over 60, athletic and a real Dad. My […]

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Straight Dad will wear these Gold Toe’s to the office until they stin...

Straight, mature, over 60, athletic guy here. I will wear these socks with my dress shoes to my office until they wreak with my foot-stink. They’ll […]

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ripe worn stinky gym socks!

I’ve been working out only in these white nike gym socks and boy are they drenched with all of my hot sweat. they are so […]

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$Ask Me

Alpha Stud’s Big Sweaty Feet Rank Socks

I have some rank socks full of my Alpha feet scent. I play hard and the socks are well worn. I have several sock options […]

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Mex hairy bro stinky cheesy sox

Get your cheesy stink on! Have not washed my socks In over a week ! Have several pairs! Athletic Mex outdoorsy bro here. Always sweatin […]

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ask me!

wanna get my ripe stinkin or crusty or cummed socks? ask me!!! get any you ...

michaelgbrowning@hotmail.com Hey, I’m 21 now. Student. This is for my ripe SOCKS (short, medium or crew some black too not just white), used heavily, can […]

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