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Old, Worn Underwear With Holes, Filled With The Scent Of My Hard Straight B...

Have 2 pair of underwear that are nice and old, with holes in them.  Both pair have been worn over a week straight each and […]

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Stinky, Used Socks

Have several pairs of socks to sell.  1 pair has a sock with a hole and one regular sock

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Old Socks, Worn A Week and Have Holes, Perfect For Your Cock

I have 2 pair of holy socks to sell that have been worn a week straight each.

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Straight Bait Cum Rag, Stiff From Tons Of Loads. Accepting Requests

Have a nice, used, and crispy cum rag for sale.  Straight bait that has cum over 20 times on the rag watching gay porn.  I […]

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$Ask Me

Well Worn Rank Alpha Male Work Socks

These socks really smell and are sweaty from being on my feet all day. They have captured my Alpha masculine scent and I will wear […]

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$Make Offer

Feel My Alpha Male Masculine Smelling Shirt

I have worn this shirt several times without washing and I have not used deodorant for years. I have a strong Alpha masculine smell and […]

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$Ask Me

You Want My Sweaty Rank Alpha Male Socks

I work my socks hard and will wear a pair until they are ripe. I have various options for you to pick from so let […]

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$Ask Me

Taste My Sweaty Alpha Male Dirty Compression Shorts

I will wear these on the job and then during several workouts. I am horny all the time and get excited at the gym so […]

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$Let's Talk

You Can Smell & Taste My Alpha Male Underwear

I can tailor a pair for you so let’s talk. I will wear them daily and then during one of my rigorous workouts. Just let […]

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I WILL WHACK OFF FOR YOU, & MAKE JO-LOADED condoms!!! ill rub loads out...

michaelgbrowning@hotmail.com Hey, I’m 20. Student here, hung & uncut. I’ll jack off into condoms for you, dry ones so there’s no lube in them just […]

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