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Twink Stud’s Sweaty Boxer Briefs / Deep Sniffs = Instant HARD ON!

I’m a 20-year-old hot looking athlete with a swimmer build. I’m selling my Pre-Owned sweaty, ball smelly CUA boxer briefs. Ha, I hope you don’t […]

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Sweat Smelly Briefs Used by Two Hot Brothers / Smell The Alpha Balls!

This is my brother’s NICK(IT) boxer briefs. I forgot my underwear while visiting this weekend so I grabbed this pair from his dirty clothes basket […]

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Sweat Smelly Jockstrap Used by Two Hot Brothers

My brother’s Almost Naked Jockstrap. I forgot mine so I grabbed this one from his dirty clothes basket to wear as we worked out.  Being […]

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Biker’s cum sock

Do you like bikers? You watch them wisp through traffic with a masculine presence. Bikers travel with all power and soul. This sock contains cum, lots […]

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Pleb Ass Paddle

This paddle can talk and has spanked several plebs. It’s 27 inches long, the width is 3.5 inches and the handle is 9 inches. Which, […]

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Do what you want with my CK

Have been worn a few times, tell me what you want done to these, will take any and all requests 😉 I can get them […]

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Sweet Sweaty Socks

Socks I wore to work. 8hrs of walking San Francisco doing deliveries on a warm cali day. Very sweaty and ripe!

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Cute Boy Underwear – Old and Worn

Have had these since I was 15, they’ve seen a lot. Currently sweaty and ripe, can be made cummy too at your request.

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$Ask Me

Lick My Alpha Armpit Smelly Tshirt Clean

Who wants to lick my armpits clean. I have a strong sweaty Alpha taste and smell, which you will immediately catch when you open the […]

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$Ask Me

Suck My Masculine Sweaty & Dirty Briefs

I workout daily and play hard. I will wear to work, to bed and then to the gym. I’m always horny and sweaty. I can make my […]

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