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Alpha Stud’s flannel Shirt – Well Worn Armpit Hurley

Just back from the UK and I’ve worn this shirt for 2 weeks without washing. I do no not wear deodorant and I plan to […]

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$Let’s talk

Underwear – Cum crusted rank pumas

They bad boys are covered in my crusty cum loads. The smell is so sweet from my cum it’s sure to get you off over […]

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$Let's Talk

Taste & Sniff My Alpha Stud Dirty and Sweaty Briefs

Lick and sniff my dirty briefs. They fit tight against my cock and balls so you can enjoy my great alpha stud scent. Cum, piss […]

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$Let's Talk

Alpha Executive’s Sweaty and Dirty Boxer Briefs

I have worn to the office, to bed, during practice and to workout. They fit tight against my cock and balls so you can smell […]

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My Alpha Cock Stained and Sweaty Compression Shorts

Okay boys….These fit tight against my cock and balls. Plus, I’m always horny so some extra Alpha juice is not a problem. What do you […]

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My Dom Alpha Daddy’s Bull Balls And Piss Stained Jock / Yummy!

Ha, I understand completely the thrill of sniffing a stud’s used underwear. It’s totally hot. I find Dom Daddy tops very hot.  I found my […]

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Raunchy Piss Soaked Locker Room Jock / Abused By MANY College Studs

I found this used smelly jock and cup in the locker room after a workout the other night.  The jock, was soaked with gallons of […]

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My Alpha Brother’s Ripe Briefs / Smells Like His Sweat Soaked Ass

I’m selling a pair of USED Andrew Christian briefs ass sweaty fresh off my sexy older brother.  My brother has a very sexy, hot and […]

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$Let's Talk

Alpha Armpit Stained and Sweaty Polyester Adidas Shirt

Funky polyester long sleeve shirt worn to several practices and the armpits stink. I will wear a few more times and keep it fresh. I […]

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$Ask Me

Hot Alpha Stud’s Piss filled bottle

Say “please sir may I have another” and I will rub my cock on the bottle so you can have a taste. I’m a very […]

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