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HOT DISCREET Jock Underwear – Very RAUNCHY, Very RIPE w/ Heavy Man Stink! Strong All Natural Masculine Smell & Taste GUARANTEED!

  • Underwear Condition: Used
  • Underwear Brand: HANES/ FRUIT OF THE LOOM (Requests Welcome)
  • Underwear Type: boxer briefs
  • Underwear Size: Medium
  • Underwear Color: Variety
  • Country: United States
  • State/Province: California
  • City: LA
  • Contact Method: Email
  • Payment Method: Paypal
  • Listed: February 14, 2017 4:13 am
  • Expires: 19 days, 3 hours



Selling you my 100% all natural MAN STINK!

I want you to take in the overwhelming stench that comes straight off my sweat dripping balls!

It’s a lot of stink I’d hate to see go to waste. If you’ve never smelt a real man before, you’re life is about to change. So get ready to eat it all up!


FACT: I’m a HOT jock, cocky when HORNY and I’ve got something you FANTASIZE for…

I’m a very DL discreet white boy who just so happens to produce an awesome man stink (and lots of it) on a daily basis. One day of wear is enough, but if you can handle extra, I can wear the same pair for multiple days.


-27 years old
-White/ Lean/ Moderate body hair
-Height 6’1
-180 pounds

This is for all you dudes who dream to find a pair of used up underwear just like mine chillin’ in the locker room for the taking. Not so easy in a public locker room but lucky you, with the help of the internet, I’m given this rare opportunity that allows me sell off my stink discreetly to horny men online. You’d gotta get pretty damn lucky to find some boxers naturally prepared like mine in a locker room somewhere.

I sweat easily. I perspire a lot. And I have a very ripe man scent that all men will appreciate.

My odor is fuckin’ HOT and you’re gonna think so too. I promise and will guarantee it.

By the end of the day (right now as I’m writing this ad) I can literally smell the stink through my pants. Gets me damn horny every time. No joke, I can walk into a large room right now, drop my pants and I’m like a human stink bomb. You’ll for sure get a whiff from far across the room.

So, I suppose the first person to place an order might as well take this pair off my hands so you can get to sniffing!

I gotta say, once I came to the realization that there is a huge demand for this fetish, and I stumbled over SockTrade., I knew right away I could supply some damn good (and I mean DAMN fuckin’ good), PRIME masculine stink straight from my man hood everyday. I’ve got it and we both know that you want it so come eat it up!

FYI: I will say, this may not be for guys who are just experimenting.

You really gotta dig the smell of a man who produces a heavy but natural musky scent like I do.

Have the desire to take in the sweat and the ripe musky smell that my balls have to offer.

All you raunchy men out there, I guarantee you that my underwear will make you horny as fuck!

I repeat, you’re gonna love it!

Just a little visualization for you to take in…

You come over to me and slide your hand down my pants for just a split second, you’ll feel the instant heat that radiates off my junk. Just this small moment guarantees that you’ll be left with a generous amount of my dominant stink on your hand. You’re gonna be dying to smell it and once you just barely touch your hand to your nose, you’re gonna be left with some stink on your face that just may stay with you through out the day…

You can expect my scent to last for multiple uses, especially if you re-seal them in the Ziploc bag.

I’m confident to that my manhood will satisfy you beyond your expectations.

TRY ME. Take my word for it.

I think I forgot to mention that I have a fat white boy dick that will be partially responsible for the reason you’ll be masturbating over my smell for days and e-mailing me for more. ?

Also, ASK ME about the rest of my GEAR:

  • SWEATY SOCKS – Size 12 feet. Nike/ Puma/ White/ Black
  • WHITE T-SHIRTS worn all day, soaking in my hairy body’s musk and raw armpit sweat.

Send me a message. I’m open to all and any requests.

If you’ve ordered from me before, you know I honor all requests. Just ask. I have no problem with your filthy mind… >:-)

If you’ve got a certain brand/ style in mind (and I don’t already own it) I don’t mind shopping for it. I’ll do my best to pick them up ASAP. (However, I do charge the cost of the underwear).

Always shipped in a tightly sealed Ziploc bag.

Contact Me:

PayPal Only.

PayPal Payments Sent To:

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