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$Let's Talk

Alpha Armpit Dress Shirt and Freeballing Dress Pants

I play and sweat hard….this slim fit dress shirt has my strong armpit scent and the gray Calvin Klein dress pants have my strong masculine […]

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$Ask Me

Suck My Piss – Fresh Stud Bottle

On your fucking knees and my hot piss will flow over your face and drench your body. I’m a strong and demanding Alpha stud so […]

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Alpha Executive Long Black Rank Socks

Long dress socks just like my cock. Well worn and I play hard so they have my strong alpha scent. Sitting in my hotel room […]

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$Ask Me

American Eagle Alpha Cum Stained Boxers

Well worn and they are full of my Alpha cock and balls scent. Did I mention that I’m always horny so they are full of […]

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$Ask Me

Alpha Sweaty Feet Nike Socks

You need a taste of my sweaty Alpha feet and these are perfect. I cleaned these out of my locker and I’ll wear another week […]

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$225 Membership

Alpha Master Mike – sub Training and Domination

I have room for a new submissive trainee to dominate. I play hard, I’m demanding and you will have to demonstrate that you are worthy […]

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$Ask Me

Alpha Stud’s Sweaty and Cock Stained Jockstrap

I play hard and you will smell my masculine cock and balls. Let me know what you need …. sweat, cum, pre cum, piss drizzle…. […]

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$Ask Me

Hot Alpha Piss From My Cock – Fresh Bottles

Say “please sir may I have another” and I will rub my cock on the bottle so you can have a taste. I’m a very […]

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$Ask Me

Hockey Cock and Balls Sweaty Pads

Dirty hockey gear and these are my sweaty pads from camp. Shipped with fresh sweat and let’s see if you are worthy. I’m always horny […]

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$Let's Talk

Nike Combat Sweaty Rugby Pads

Well worn and my cock has beat these up and they have my masculine stud scent. They have fresh sweat and let me know what […]

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