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$Let's Talk

Shower Time with My Hot Alpha Stud Piss

My piss will flow over your face and body. Then it will flow down your back and into your ass..I will place my cock on […]

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Master Mike’s Sweaty and Cum Stained Underwear

My underwear fit tight against my cock and balls so get ready to stuff these in your face. I’m always horny and the pre cum […]

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Sweaty Cock & Balls Jockstrap

I’m wearing my dirty jock for a week during work, practice and to the gym. My cock is beating this jock up and it’s loaded […]

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$Ask Me

“Oh Shit” – Alpha Athlete’s Hot Mess Container

I play hard boys and have no problem making you beg for my Alpha shit… Large, medium or small containers available. Get my attention and […]

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$Let's Talk

In Your Face Sweaty Cock and Balls Underwear

They feel great against my cock and balls. Just right to shove in your face with my masculine scent. Cum, skids, piss drizzle and / […]

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$Ask Me

Sweaty and Well Worn Adidas Tennis Socks

I play hard and have several hours into these smelly socks. Let me know what you need. I also have these in white. Fratboz7@gmail.com is […]

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Alpha Stud’s Big Sweaty Feet Rank Socks

I have some rank socks full of my Alpha feet scent. I play hard and the socks are well worn. I have several sock options […]

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$Ask Me

Hot Alpha Stud Piss – Fresh Bottle

It’s shower time and I have what you need. I play hard and you will like the way my healthy piss taste and feels. I’m […]

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$Ask Me

Fratboy’s Dirty Underwear

My briefs fit tight against my cock and ball and I’m always horny! What do you need… I’ll wear to the office, gym and during […]

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$Ask Me

Long and Rank Dark Blue Executive Dress Socks

Just pulled these socks off my hot Alpha feet and the masculine scent is filling my hotel room. I want to see these in your […]

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