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Worn/used sweaty crotch compression adidas shorts hairy cock and balls swea...

Worn and used as underwear! These compression shorts are used for biking and working out ! Been worn several times ! Let me know how […]

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Sweaty used stinky Latino bro feet ankle Reebok socks

Hairy cock in my sock ! Been using my ankle socks for a week now ! They are sweaty and smelly, I can jack off […]

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My Rothco Tan Shirt (Military Shirt)

KIK me arbrent670 Or email me andrewbrent670@gmail.com Selling my worn Rothco Tan T-Shirt or my military t-shirt. Will wear it at work and while working […]

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$250.00 HOT RANK

construction job ALPHA black socks For His & Her Fetish Moment$

Purrfect for the lady with hubby that has a fetish of feet. Working construction jobsite so let’s make this just OUR little dirty secret. These […]

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papa men's large tank


sweaty, ripe “papi” tank

This is a rank tank.  I’ve worn it twice under a neoprene running top that traps all of the sweat.  Each run was 7 miles […]

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asics socks large


asics men’s large sox (for 11 1/2 feet)

If you like the soaked and sweaty socks of a hairy alpha male then these are pretty powerful. I have a very hairy body and […]

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Alpha SWEAT in a Bottle


Alpha Male SWEAT in a Bottle

Would it turn you on to have a large amount of my alpha sweat squeezed out of my socks, shirt and shorts after running and working out?  […]

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puma socks


Puma Running Socks (Mens’ Large)

If you like the soaked and sweaty socks of a hairy alpha male then these are pretty powerful. I have a very hairy body and […]

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alpha male 3


Alpha Scented Sneakers

These sneakers were worn for one month, every day running (7 miles) and at the gym 3 days each week.  They reek.  If you like […]

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Young & Hot Construction Worker’s Boxer Briefs

andrewbrent670@gmail.com or KIK arbrent670 I am a 24yo straight dad, college student and construction worker. Im selling my worn Nordstrom boxers to interested buyer. I […]

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