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Nike Basketball Sweaty Shoes

Sniff my well worn shoes and buy me a new pair. If you need me to shoot anything extra just let me know. I want […]

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Licka my Alpha Armpits hockey jersey – 100% Polyester

I do Not use deodorant and have a strong Alpha scent. I play hard and this shirt already has my scent. I can wear a […]

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$Ask Me

Executive’s Sweaty and Dirty Boxer Briefs

I’m extremely athletic and I workout daily. Always interested in hearing special request so get my attention and I might tailor something just for you. […]

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$25.00 FREE S&H

Ahh yeah, Lots of FREEDOM down there – Brief – Tommy Hilfiger

Dribbles in Tommy Hilfiger black brief XL fits 34-36w. FREE COURTESY: If you wish, request dribble or fresh cummy/wank in your item before sending. USA […]

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$Ask Me

In Your Face Raunchy, Stained and Dirty Stud Briefs

I play hard and can wear my underwear for over a week. How dirty do you need them? I will wear to work to tennis […]

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$Ask Me

Shower Time with My Hot Stud Piss – Fresh Bottle

It’s shower time for you dirty boys. I play hard and you will like the way my healthy piss taste and feels. I’m always horny […]

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Alpha Stud’s Leather Chaps

I play hard and these are just what you need. Sweat, pre cum, piss dizzle and cum are all options. You just have to ask […]

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email me!

who wants my jockstrap? custom Bike jock just for you ripe cock balls bush ...

Hi, I am CP.  I sell all my gear & loaded condoms & piss. This is for my Bike jockstrap & cup too if you […]

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cp cumms

email me!

who wants my cumloads? buy my rubbers n taste all of me good lube better mo...

Hi I am CP! I sell my gear & loaded condoms & piss.  This is for my cumm-filled rubbers.  Tell me how many you want.  […]

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$Ask Me

Sniff My Sweaty & Rank Long Thin Black Dress Socks

Sniff my dirty socks and stuff them in your mouth! I wear these to work and under my crew socks during practice and workouts. Let […]

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