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Smelly Rank Compression Trunks / Reeks of My Brother’s Hair Lined Ass...

My little brother said I went NOSE BLIND because my room smells like a locker room full of sweaty cock and ass. I guess my […]

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My Older Brother’s Ripe Jock / Smells Like His Sweat Soaked Ass & Cock ...

I’m selling a sexy jock, cock, ball and ass sweaty fresh off my sexy brother.  My brother has a very sexy, hot and hairy ass! […]

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My Dom Alpha Daddy’s Bull Balls And Piss Stained Briefs / Yummy!

Ha, I understand completely the thrill of sniffing a stud’s used gear. It’s totally hot.  I found my hot daddy’s cock smelly jock in the […]

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Filthy sweaty sweat pants

I have been wearing these dirty filthy sweatpants during work outs, and while working out side in the heat. They are very dirty, and smelly. […]

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Smelly dirty t shirt . Worn during hard work.

I put this shirt on last weekend, while cleaning up a large fallen tree. It is now ripped, and smelly. The weather was extremely humid  […]

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RANK PISS Soaked Jock / Still DRIPPING Wet!

Okay last week I had a few too many beers and pissed in my jock. I tossed it into my bath tub and I guess […]

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$Let's Talk

Fratboy’s Sweaty and Dirty Skate Socks

I play hard and these socks are full of my masculine Alpha scent. Let me know what you need and always interested in special request. […]

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£Lets Talk

Mens Puma Shorts Hot and sticky just for you

These shorts have been worn for my latest workout sessions and they are stinking with my alpha musk, as I work out without pants on, […]

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HONEYDICK Shower Green Cotton Bath Towel

A before and After shower event chance for YOU to smell my HEAVY CUM on this green cotton bath shower towel colormate. Shipping: $9 USA, […]

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$Ask Me

Sweaty Cock and Balls Underwear

Hot and Sweaty underwear. I play hard and they fit tight against my cock and balls. Let me know how you need them…. and I […]

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